4 surprising facts about doctors and integrative medicine

Kartik Natarajan, Managing Director, Healthcare

Integrative medicine is one of those polarising topics – some GPs are advocates while others dismiss this type of medicine as wishy-wishy!

In an attempt to see just how big this divide is, we launched a survey on integrative medicine across our GP sites.

We had over 100 responses to a fairly detailed survey – below are four stand out findings that reveal GP attitudes to integrative medicine may not be what you would have thought.
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Inside Doctors Reading Habits

Kartik Natarajan, Managing Director

Check out this infographic exploring the therapy areas GPs spent the most time reading on Cirrus Healthcare mastheads during Q1 2016.

Have a question about what GPs are reading? Email us to find out more.

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From the Editor-in-Chief: Best of Q1

Clifford Fram, Editor-in-Chief

Top stories Q1 2016

  • 1. 8 things you should know about new PSA testing guidelines
  • 2. GPs to offer free quadrivalent flu vaccine this year
  • 3. Why I changed my mind about vitamin D
  • 4. 5 most commonly missed dyslipidaemias
  • 5. 5 ways GPs can reduce antidepressant fears

Men, in general, do not like the idea of their doctor inserting a finger in their rectum for a feel of their prostate – and most doctors do not like making their patients feel uncomfortable. So there was relief all round when new Australian guidelines announced that digital rectal examinations are no longer the done thing in primary care.
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From the Editor-in-Chief

Clifford Fram, Editor-in-Chief

Top 5 news stories from April

  • 1. MBS items likely to be ‘cashed out’ under govt reform
  • 2. College urges GPs to stop referring to chiropractors
  • 3. Why are GPs still bulk-billing at record levels?
  • 4. Rural GP should not be blamed for woman’s death: coroner
  • 5. GPs sit second to last on earnings graph

Many doctors appear to believe chiropractors are a pain in the neck. So a big story for the editorial team was the Australian Doctor exclusive about the RACGP discouraging GPs from referring patients to chiros.

It’s a controversial call. About 15% of Australian doctors use chiropractors for their own care and a large minority believe these allied health professionals add value to their patients.
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