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Each year the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers creates the industry standard Internet Trends Report. It’s commonly known as the Meeker Report after the author, Mary Meeker.

The full report is 213 slides of mind blowing stats and info (we’ve embedded it at the bottom). If you want a shortcut though, here are my top 5 (and a bit).

  1. The Gorillas are getting bigger

No doubt you knew Google and Facebook were the giants of the digital advertising space, but did you know they also account for 76% of its growth (in the USA at least)? Frightening.

Meeker Report - image 1

  1. Get to know the Millennials

By reading this there’s a good chance you’re in healthcare marketing or communications. This may mean that you think “I don’t need to worry about Millennials, they’re not old enough to be healthcare professionals.”

Wrong, the first Millennials are now 37 and you need to understand them (which the chart below is super useful for).

Meeker Report - image 2.tif

  1. If you had to choose one social network….

OK, so Millennials are important, but when it comes to reaching them, how do you keep up with all the different social networks they’re across? Well, despite the hype, if you were to choose just one that choice is pretty easy.

Meeker Report - image 3

  1. It’s all about video

For years digital types have been banging on about how video is set to explode. Well, it has.

Meeker Report - image 4

So get to know it!

Meeker Report - image 5


  1. Do I need an app with that?

It’s amazing how many digital strategies apps still turn up in. A good question to ask though is, even if you can actually get it downloaded onto a phone, how much airtime can it expect? Following the numbers below, the answer is “not a lot, if any”.

But then again, maybe your app can beat Facebook and Google!

Meeker Report - image 6


Full report

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