02/06/2016 Cirrus Healthcare

HCP Video engagement – what’s the magic formula?

Matt Rowley, Content Director

Video is booming. Cheaper data twinned with better devices feeding a growing hunger for rich media means that we’re all consuming more video online than ever before. And it’s no different for HCPs.

We’re only half way through 2016, but at Cirrus Healthcare Content Marketing, we have already surpassed the number of video views we had in all of 2015. That’s great, but raises some questions, which our one chart here can help answer.

1 - How much are they watching?

Facebook video views have grown at an astronomical rate. However, a video view in Facebook is counted after three seconds regardless of whether the user has clicked the post to turn the sound on (in fact, 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound). Completion rates for videos like this are notoriously low, in Australia only about 10% of Facebook video ads are watched to completion.

As you can see from the chart above, our % of complete video views range from Facebook levels, right through to an astronomical 85%. The average hovers around an impressive 50% (and has been growing over time).

2 – Does the length of video determine engagement?

The graph above says ‘not really’. We have videos with great engagement at one minute and then at 10 minutes. If you put a trend line in it’s flat overall.

So, it’s not the length of the video per se, it’s what’s in it.

3 – So what does drive video engagement?

The best correlation in our data can be described by the type of video content. At Cirrus Content Marketing we have two classifications –

  • Blue Label content that is produced independently of the client to achieve their educational needs, and
  • Red Label content, which has editorial input from the client because it is either promotional in nature or has been partially supplied by the client

Generally, but not exclusively speaking, Blue Label content generates better engagement. Partly because of the non promotional tone, but also because engaging our audiences through our channels is what we’ve been doing for more than 20 years. Having the editorial freedom to do this generates better results.

As you can see there are always exceptions. Some of the lower scoring Blue Label videos were part of live conference coverage where engagement is more hit and miss. Some of the red label content was highly engaging, despite having an element of promotion.


In the end, creating content that engages – in this case video - isn’t a paint by numbers exercise; there isn’t a magic length, topic or format. The key is knowing your audience and having the capability and latitude to create content that hits the mark.

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