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What are Australian Doctor Fans sharing on social?

What are Australian Doctor fans liking on Facebook?

We analysed the activity of Australian Doctor’s almost 7,000 fans to find out what stories got the most shares over the past four months. Our top story was a ‘dodgy doc’ one (yes, GPs are people too) and had a Facebook reach of almost 45,000!

Here’s a graph of our top 10 posts and their reach:

Social Media - Graph


Post Title Reach
1.       Doctor who was stabbed by patient calls for more security 44,885
2.       Doctors slam homeopathic ‘Health party’ as misleading 26,197
3.       College urges GPs to stop referring to chiropractors 16,608
4.       Doctors share harrowing bullying stories at conference 12,394
5.       First anticoagulation reversal agent available for dabigatran 10,231
6.       So, is this the death of GP bulk-billing 6,829
7.       Controlled crying proven to help infants go to sleep 6,767
8.       GPs urged to prepare for zoster vaccine program 6,645
9.       Iron infusions an ’emerging medico legal risk’, MDO warns 6,562
10.   Chiro banned from treating babies 6,245

But it’s not all about dodgy docs. Our GPs share stories on clinical matters too. The most popular clinical story was in early May, mentioning the first anticoagulation reversal agent for dabigatran (a post that reach over 10,000). Here are some other popular posts:

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