08/08/2016 Cirrus Healthcare

4 surprising facts about doctors and integrative medicine

Kartik Natarajan, Managing Director, Healthcare

Integrative medicine is one of those polarising topics – some GPs are advocates while others dismiss this type of medicine as wishy-wishy!

In an attempt to see just how big this divide is, we launched a survey on integrative medicine across our GP sites.

We had over 100 responses to a fairly detailed survey – below are four stand out findings that reveal GP attitudes to integrative medicine may not be what you would have thought.

60% believe that integrative medicine plays a valid role in patient treatment

This was a lot higher than expected, driven mainly by younger doctors.

70% of GPs are interested in learning more about integrative medicine

Again, higher than expected and points to an education gap in the market.

More than 90% of GPs prescribe or dispense non-pharma supplements

Presumably this includes some of the 40% that don’t believe in integrative medicine.

50% of GPs currently recommend a specific brand of vitamins / herbal remedies etc

However, no one brand dominates their recommendations. This appears to be a big opportunity for brands to get their products in front of GPs!

All in all, a fascinating topic and one that I’m sure will continue to gain traction.

That’s why we’ve launched an integrative medicine column in our monthly Medical Observer print publication, to allow readers to explore this topic in more depth and close that education gap.

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